Most Popular Games

We offer a range of games to try and match all your needs but here are our most popular

Garry's Mod

£ 2 /mo


£ 4 /mo


£ 3 /mo

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Multiple Locations

EU Locations

We offer Nodes in both the UK (London) and Germany (Neuberg) which you can pick at checkout completly free of charge. With Both our UK and Germany nodes you get high bandwidth networks.

High Performance Hardware

All of our nodes use powerful hardware with SSD's to give you the best experiance. We also make sure you get your fair share of resources and don't have to share it with anyone else


monitoring 24/7/365

Public Node Stats

All of our nodes stats are public ensuring you're on a high quality server that's not being oversold.

See for yourself
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Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

Got a Questions look here. If you can't find your answer please feel free to contact us

How long before my server is online?
  • Normally Within 5 to 30 minutes if there is no issues like fraud or payment delay

What games do you host?
  • At the moment we offer Minecraft, Garry's Mod (Gmod), Factorio, Rust and Terraria Server Hosting

    Although we are open to supporting more games and are aiming to add more!

How long have you been around?
  • We haven't been around for too long we started in 2021.

    But we have been running our own nodes and game servers for over 5 years

What hardware will host my server?
  • Depends on which node you get put on but All of our servers are high performance and they all use powerful cpus with SSD's

    If you want to know exactly please Contact Us